„The author of this release, Stefan Paulus, conveniently calls his sonic stuff by using the expression „psychogeography drifts“, a reminder of the notorious method for investigation on surrounding reality as well as an eccentric approach to the studies of a place, defined by radical theorist Guy Debord, and while listening this contemporary sonic „flaneur“’s „Becoming-Dissolve“ and in spite of the theoretical limits of such a method, which have been recognised by its inventor, some words by Debord himself look like having been echoed back by Stefan’s sound: „When freedom is practiced in a closed circle, it fades into a dream, becomes a mere image of itself. The ambiance of play is by nature unstable. At any moment, „ordinary life“ may prevail once again. The geographical limitation of play is even more striking than its temporal limitation. Every game takes place within the boundaries of its own spatial domain“. The so-called „derive“ resounds in the three moments of this becoming, a kind of narrative sequence of long-lasting field recordings which have been injected with entrancing sine waves, electronic rarefied atmospheres and humoral resonances so that it seems an emphatic cruise across a nebula of daily aural stimulations: the overwhelming solipsism combined with a certain feeling of self-alienating during a train trip in „Becoming-Endless“, the glacial lethargy and the freezing surges in „Becoming-Imperceptible“, the entrancing absorption of the ego within a natural landscape, emphasized by heavy rain, nocturnal chirring of cicadas and the blowing of strong winds over a wintry land, in „Becoming-Molecular“ are the daydreaming stages of this suggestive dissolving. „Becoming-Dissolve“ is available for free on Earth Mantra’s net-label web-site.“ (Vito Camarretta

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