Beyond Humans & Automatisme – Interpolation (Force Inc.)

Music by Beyond Humans & Automatisme

Video by Stefan Paulus

Force Inc. explores the Black Music Box. Force Inc. is Ultrablackness. Force Inc. is the old/new Rhythmight. Ryhthm mutates into a non-linear evilness and becomes a black sound- ground. Ultrablack-Music will escape from the ban of time and intensifies itself in the principle: and-when-you-hear-in-rhythm-you-are-the-co(s)mic-warrior-with-the-golden-imperative-in-the-last-instance: tic-toc – fuck the clock. Force Inc. transfers Black Music into Crater-Techno: Frequencies of a shattering drive, as if one would play basketball with a demolition-ball on concrete. Imagine: Acid will be played with two drumbreaks so long as they clatter like two chromed tails of snakes and buzz around your head in opposite directions: Dance yourself to death.


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