With A Set Of Print`n`Play Cards.

How to start?
Print the cards. Cut them out. Keep the sections of „Get lost“, „Action“ and “Perception” cards separated. Riffle the cards, grab one card of each section and follow the instructions. Start with a „Get lost“ card. During getting lost do the „Action“ and after the action do the “Perception”. Repeat it. Feel free to create other options.

The rules of the game:
There are no rules. It´s not a game. Play it. Time doesn´t matter. You decide the end of the dérive. A dérive could last several hours up to months. Goal of the dérive is to get lost and make new experiences. It´s possible to play with up to 30 persons or even more.



1. Get Lost Cards 2. Action Cards 3. Perception Cards

Download a PDF version: HOW TO DO A DÉRIVE



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