The Road Becomes What You Leave

Jason Molina died two years ago on March 16, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Singer-songwriter. Always on the go. The road becomes what he leave. Now he is riding with the ghost. Farewell Molina.

„it broke my heart to leave the city
i mean it broke what wasn’t
broken in there already
but all my great reasons
for leavin‘ now i can’t think of any
it’s true was a hard time
that i come through
and i’m still thankful for the blues“


 „long dark blues
will o the wisp
the big star is falling
through the static and distance
a farewell transmission


„there ain’t no contest
against the final day
we’ll rise above us either way
we’re either greeted
by life or it’s reverse
then each day greeted
by fortune or it’s reverse
will you stand up for your one chance
will you stand up for love
we get no second chance in this life
we get no second chance in this life“



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