Henry Moore Sculpture Gallery, Leeds – By andrew Backhouse

This is the first guest article on NOWHERE.org: A sound-map of  a journey taken from Harrogate, North Yorkshire to The Henry Moore Sculpture Gallery in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK by andrew Backhouse :


About andrew Backhouse:
I enjoy capturing the ambience of selected environments – both urban and rural – be it with a camera or field recordings. As a sound artist and photographer, I enjoy the nuances of finding a new detail in the captured sound map / image of a situation that was not perceptible at the moment of recording; having battled schizophrenia for 14 years – there is something honest about discovering what actually happened whilst I was recording the scene.“ andrew Backhouse 


Thanks to Andrew Wynter Backhouse for convey his work work on NOWHERE.org. For more information about Backhouse and his Field Recordings, Arttapes and Streetphotography please visit his website http://awbackhouse.com/. You can also purchase prints of his photographs at The Rapture Gallery in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


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