God Hates Brickstones

They call you „the pearl of the Elbe-river“, „the metropolis of the north“: Hamburg. Most of your tourists have seen the Alster with the poshy shops; your fancy villas at the shore of the Elbe and of course your gate to the world: the Hamburgian harbor. But if the tourists would walk in through the “regular” Hamburg, they will see these brickstone houses over and over all. Can´t believe that the city of Hamburg give financial support to restore the brickstone faces and set them under protection and the evangelic Hamburgians love it! But the bible says: God hates brickstones…

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God hates the street comedian Brick Stone too. The credit for „God Hates Brick Stones“ belong to him. Check out his hilarious website: http://www.godhatesbrickstone.com/

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