Zone of Atrophy

Empty houses, abandoned farms, closed factories. Entire streets of modern ruins. Nobody on the road. Parents dead, children gone…NO this will not become a gonzo urbex foto story. Since years I´m driving to the western part of a remote area close to the border of France and Luxemburg in Germany called “Saar-Hunsrück”. I take slide pictures of the „traditional“ houses and ask myself: Hello, anybody there?


…and YES people still life in theses houses. Some of them are sparely but loveley restored…


Most of the time I had bad luck with the weather. That is the reason why the pictures are so desolate…but i´m sure you are very welcome in the villages of  Hasborn [literal; Hatespring],  Eisen [Iron], Damflos [Steamless or Dam Float], Selbach [Soulcreek], Braunshausen [Browndwelling], Abentheuer [Adventure]…


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