Materialism of Encounter

I found a unknown and used slide film in a street in Hamburg, Germany (North) and did a double exposure during a drift acorss the Harz country side in Germany (East). And this is what it become: An aleatory materialism – a materialism of encounter.

„Every encounter is aleatory, not only in its origins (nothing ever guarantees an encounter), but also in its effects. In other words, every encounter might not have taken place, although it did take place; but its possible nonexistence sheds light on the meaning on its aleatory being. And every encounter is aleatory in its effects, in that nothing in the elements of the encounter prefigures, before the actual encounter, the contours and determinations of the being that emerge from it“ (Louis Althusser).


If somebody knows this people on the pictures, let me know. Would love to send them their wedding photos.

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